The 云顶集团官网海洋 全球服务中心 is your one-stop-shop for all of your Hyde GUARDIAN® needs from the moment you receive your new GUARDIAN® system until the end of your ship’s useful life.  Whether you need help to get your system back up and running or you just need to make sure your GUARDIAN system is performing at its best, contact our service professionals and they will get you anything you need, 第一次.

需要快速服务? 使用此表格获得即时支持t.


At 云顶集团官网海洋, we know that often service is required right 现在,就在你的船所在的地方. Ballast water treatment systems are critical to the operations of your vessel and you cannot afford delays or impacts due to the inherent travel needed to get technicians to your ship.

以确保您得到充分的支持, 云顶集团官网海洋 developed a Global 服务 Strategy to provide service to our customers in three distinct ways:


云顶集团官网海洋 offers remote support for those easy-to-address issues that often come up. Our available service professionals can walk crews or shore-based personnel through the steps of how to troubleshoot, 修复, or even upgrade equipment that may be necessary throughout the life of the system. 


云顶集团官网海洋 offers an industry-leading remote access package that allows our technical service professionals to remotely connect to, or simply monitor, your Hyde GUARDIAN system directly from the Global 服务 Center. This feature allows them to see exactly what is going on with your system, allows them to train personnel directly on how to properly use the system, and enables troubleshooting of the system all before a technician is 曾经派出. This feature may not be fitted on every GUARDIAN system, but it is available to be added to any system upon request (charges apply).


For those times when remote assistance is simply not enough, 云顶集团官网海洋 will dispatch one of our highly trained service professionals 直接到你的船. Each technician is armed with a complete history of your equipment and will come with all of the information, learnings, and special equipment that may be needed to match the unique GUARDIAN system 安装在您的船上.  技术人员 are usually dispatched from the local area, depending on availability

When you need support to maintain your Hyde GUARDIAN ballast water treatment system, you need immediate support, not excuses. 云顶集团官网海洋 services every component of the system, regardless of the OEM. 你永远不会 hear from 云顶集团官网海洋 that your problem requires you to seek the support of 全球服务中心外的任何人.